Tagore Center Foundation

Education for Teachers

The center will develop a curriculum that will help the teachers to realise that despite their difference in age, “like wayfarers [they] are travelling the same path together [with their students]”, and that to educate children, they have to have sympathy and empathy with them. That which will enable to sees the educator in the role of a guru, who seeks to enliven the life of his student with his, kindle the lamp of his knowledge with his,  and do him good with his affection. 

Like nature, the guru aims at facilitating the growth of each student in his own way, so that the student gets the space to grow up according to his own nature.  It will create teachers that never try to stifle the sense of wonder that young learners are naturally endowed with. It is green like nature in its beauties and bounties, existing in a world way beyond the logic of “getting and spending”. The teachers should not only “instruct” but also “inspire Teachers should be like friends and playmates or like “gardeners” looking after “the tender young shoots of the human soul”, so that their students can experience the same love and kinship at school that they generally experience at home or perhaps do not experience. 

Teaching will include the whole personality of a learner; it works to ensure that all the faculties of the learner are developed simultaneously: physical, imaginative, intellectual, social, and spiritual.

Courtesy: Rabindranath Tagore’s Journey as an Educator, Taylor and Francis