Tagore Center Foundation

Materials for Learning

The Center will facilitate development of educational material consistent with Tagore’s vision “Yatra viswam bhavati eka-nidam”, Where the world makes a home in a single nest, encouraging three respects of freedom “freedom of mind, freedom of heart and freedom of will”. At an individual/spiritual level, this involves connecting humanity with nature, or the finite with the infinite. At a social/national level, this involves eschewing the lines that separate different communities into different social, religious and economic categories. 

At a global/international level, this involves bridging the technology-driven gap between different population groups. Materials will inculcate within the learners the five values of unity (suggesting relationship), simplicity (suggesting humility), surplus (suggesting creation), service (suggesting love) and freedom (suggesting spontaneous cooperation). This will involve creation of an environment that enables the student to develop a healthy kinship with nature and cultivation of the pupil’s creativity or imagination. 

It will allow  students to learn subconsciously and intuitively, teach them to take the initiative on things they like, allow their minds to be curious, to wonder and to experience new things and new surprises providing  for “unrestricted space and movement”, “unrestricted human relationships” and an unfettered relationship with nature. “ he center will endeavour like nature to play  a range of roles—those of a playmate, healer, guide, co-sufferer, mediator between the human and the divine, facilitating the growth of the learners as human individuals without imposing a set pattern of growth on them.

Courtesy: Rabindranath Tagore’s Journey as an Educator, Taylor and Francis