Tagore Center Foundation

Future Focus on Learning

The Center will facilitate programs for development consistent with Tagore’s vision “Yatra viswam bhavati eka-nidam”, Where the world makes a home in a single nest, encouraging three respects of freedom “freedom of mind, freedom of heart and freedom of will”. At an individual/spiritual level, this involves connecting humanity with nature, or the finite with the infinite. At a social/national level, this involves eschewing the lines that separate different communities into different social, religious and economic categories. 

At a global/international level, this involves bridging the technology-driven gap between different population groups. Materials will inculcate within the learners the five values of unity (suggesting relationship), simplicity (suggesting humility), surplus (suggesting creation), service (suggesting love) and freedom (suggesting spontaneous cooperation). This will involve creation of an environment that enables the individual to develop a healthy kinship with nature and cultivation of the pupil’s creativity or imagination.

To progress in small but determined steps to make Tagore’s vision somewhat of a reality the Foundation will host as many programs and events as possible annually highlighting

  • Established and emerging artists
  • Established and emerging authors and literary figures
  • Seminars and Lecture series
  • Culturally diverse music, dance, plays and dramas
  • International film festivals
  • International literature festivals
  • Collaborate with area universities on international studies and student exchange of ideas

The Foundation is open for ideas and volunteers to make this dream a success

Courtesy: Rabindranath Tagore’s Journey as an Educator, Taylor and Francis